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News Articles Regarding Our Company and Translation Business

02.06.09 Call for More Korean Books in Translation
01.15.09 Korea Needs More Professional Translators
12.18.08 (508) Interpreting Riches
12.16.08 Diplomacy Expert's Book Translated Into Korean
09.19.08 Korean Dishes Get Standard English Names
07.02.08 Literature Translation Has Long Way to Go
06.01.08 Appeal of Local Foods Lost in Translation
05.30.08 Cross-Pollination by Translators
05.14.08 Mistranslation Shows Korea's Poor Negotiating Power
04.16.08 Foreigners Lost in Translation at Court
02.21.08 Interpretation, Translation Association Launched
01.17.08 Translation Works Help Immigrants
10.15.06 StarLangs opened its office in China
03.06.05 Korean Edition of 'Da Vinci Code' Slammed for Mistranslations
11.17.00 Mistranslation Caused Diplomatic Rift: People's Daily


05.20.07 StarLangs globalized translation service launched - with its hundreds of professional certified translators around all
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10.15.06 We opened our office in Bejing and started to provide higher quality and more competive Chinese translation
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