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Japanese Translation

Japanese translation services by experienced and professional Japanese translators. All of our Japanese translators are certified Japanese natives who translate into their native language. Our Japanese translation team's mission is to make your job easier by providing the highest quality Japanese translations for you at the most competitive prices.

Starlangs offers a wide range of services in Japanese translations such as business, financial, government, NGO, software, IT, literature, legal, medical, technical, scientific, and website translations.

About the Japanese Language

Language spoken by about 125 million people on the islands of Japan, including the Ryukyus. The only other language of the Japanese archipelago is Ainu, now spoken by only a handful of people on Hokkaido, though once much more widespread. Japanese is not closely related to any other language, though a distant genetic kinship to Korean is now thought probable by some scholars, and an even more remote relationship to the Altaic languages is possible. Japanese is first attested in the 8th century AD, when Middle Chinese characters were utilized solely for their phonetic value to write native Japanese words. Japanese retains a huge stock of loanwords from Middle Chinese, long adapted to native phonetics.


05.20.07 StarLangs globalized translation service launched - with its hundreds of professional certified translators around all
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10.15.06 We opened our office in Bejing and started to provide higher quality and more competive Chinese translation
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How to order and pay

There is absolutely no obligation. Send your document by E-mail to star@starlangs.com specifying your requests and information. Or you can request an estimate quick and easy from here.
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