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From big names such as Samsung, NEC, and Hyundai to small, not-for-profit organisations, we have provided depth of experience and solid credentials to our clinets that operate in a variety of markets. Below is a list of just a few of our clients that we have provided services to over the years.

Korea Material Co., Ltd.
Human & Home Corp.
Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
NEC Corporation
Seoul National University
Dong-A Pharmtech Co., Ltd.
Castlex Qingdao
Samsung Corning Precision Glass
Seongjin US Securities Market Co., Ltd.
Dongbo Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thomassen Service Korea Co., Ltd.
Shinsegae I&C Korea
Meek Construction Co., Ltd.
Atec Co., Ltd.
Jungjin Global Co., Ltd.
Plan Add Architect Office Co., Ltd.
DL Shipping Co., Ltd.
Copia D&C Co., Ltd.
Ilheung Co., Ltd.
Yeomyung Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Bokwang Co., Ltd.
Showmachine Co., Ltd.
Honam Petrochemical Corporation
Korea Housing Association
Agix Inc.
Oriental Contents Group Co., Ltd.
Loofenry Co., Ltd.
Regency Communication Group.
AK Duty Free Shop

and more...


05.20.07 StarLangs globalized translation service launched - with its hundreds of professional certified translators around all
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10.15.06 We opened our office in Bejing and started to provide higher quality and more competive Chinese translation
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